Our Story – Healing From Foods

Our Story


Healing From Foods is a woman owned and operated business and our mission is to help create a better future for all people as well as the planet we live on. Through ethical sourcing, education, and nourishment, Healing From Foods aims to help support basic human rights for everyone and help create a more sustainable future for the planet. In partnership with women’s collectives in Nicaragua, we work to import Ojoche, a superfood seed, that provides income, stability, and community growth for those we source from and health and vitality to you, our customer.  


I have always loved coffee. The flavor, the smell, the ritual, those quiet moments in the morning that it allows you to take the time to enjoy - all of it. I never really drank it for its energizing effects, in fact I never really noticed them. I didn’t ever really get into having several cups a day, but I loved my morning cup or two, and occasionally enjoyed an afternoon pick me up. My love for coffee led me to work in coffee shops making and selling drinks made with locally roasted small batch beans and to really learn the nuances of flavor that different regions, processes and roasts had on a particular bean. Fast forward a few years to find that suddenly, my body was very unhappy and loud about it. My stomach would ache and burn all day long to the point where I had no appetite, and I was exhausted. Because I wasn’t eating well, I drank more coffee to compensate and help keep me going. After months of going through a vicious cycle, I began to realize that it was in fact the coffee that was hurting me so much. My digestive system had become compromised, and the acidity of the coffee was what was burning me. I was out of balance, and sensitive and suddenly the caffeine which I had never really noticed began to make my head swim and put me in a state which made it hard to function normally. So after much protest, I realized I had to give up coffee, and I did just that. Over time my body healed, but any attempt to pick up coffee again set me back. I tried drinking tea and every coffee alternative I could get my hands on, but nothing quite measured up. 

One day out of the blue, my neighbor who works around the world with families and small farms sourcing vanilla, turmeric, cardamom and other spices, showed up on my doorstep with Ojoche. He didn’t really know my story, but told me this product tasted similar to coffee but didn’t have any caffeine. I tried it and was blown away. I was so excited to have found something that really truly satisfied my cravings for coffee entirely. It tasted and smelled similar to coffee, had enough body to hold up to cream, and most of all it made me feel amazing. Not at all wired like caffeine, just energized and happy. When I asked my neighbor where I could buy more, he shrugged and said he’d be happy to bring me some in his suitcase the next time he went to Central America, but that it really wasn’t very available here to purchase in the States. 

I fell in love with Ojoche simply for its flavor, but upon doing more research I found out how amazing it is nutritionally as well. A true superfood. My neighbor saw how much I loved the product and offered to introduce me to the women he knew in Nicaragua who sourced and sold it. Meeting these women and seeing how much buying from them in the long run could help and support not only them, but also their communities solidified my then dream of starting a business around this amazing product. Healing From Foods was born, and has been importing and selling Ojoche since 2019. Thank you for coming on this journey with me!