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How to Brew


   Brewing an awesome cup of ojoche is easy.   For cold-brew, mix 5 tablespoons of granules   in a 32oz jar of cold water and let sit in the   fridge overnight. For a hot brew, just add 1-2   tablespoons of the granules to 10oz of boiling   water and let steep for 5-10 minutes. 

  We find that the best way to hot-brew ojoche   is in a french press. Because ojoche is very   dense and doesn't have any oils, it needs to   be thoroughly mixed into the water to steep properly. So typically, drip coffee or espresso methods aren’t the best. 

But, if you don’t have a french press, never fear! The easiest way to prepare ojoche is to just mix the ojoche directly into your cup. Add maple syrup, honey, sugar, cream, oat milk, coconut milk, sheep milk… whatever you’d add to your coffee, and be on your way! The grounds are dense and settle to the bottom like Turkish coffee, but without the grit. Some of our customers just swirl as they go and drink the grounds with their cup!


Hot Ojoche


Which brings me to my next point…

Save those steeped grounds! Ojoche grounds are soft and palatable, not gritty and crunchy like coffee grounds. There is so much nutrition in ojoche that there’s still a good amount left over after you steep it. These grounds can be used in smoothies, pancakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, mole sauce, chili, meat rubs, and SO much more to add flavor and a boost of nutrients to your food. That’s right, that means that you can buy ojoche once and use it twice. And that means that ojoche is virtually zero waste! We’re still perfecting our website, but soon we’ll have a recipe section where you can get some inspiration. In the meantime, if you get creative with a recipe, tag us on Instagram - we’d love to see your inventions!