Ojoche Tostado – Healing From Foods

Ojoche Tostado

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Ojoche (OH-HO-Chey), also called ramon seed, is an ancient Mayan superfood seed about the size of an acorn that is produced by the ojoche canopy tree native to Central America. 


Ojoche Tostado is a new kind of superfood elixir that nourishes the body by supporting immune function, digestion, sleep regulation, and overall health. Ojoche is a compete plant-based protein with vitamins and minerals that help hydrate and energize you naturally while uplifting your mood. Prebiotic fiber lends to digestive function, vitamin C to immunity, potassium and calcium to heart and bone health, while iron and folate support healthy red blood cell function and oxygen dispersion throughout the body. Ojoche also contains vitamin B6 and tryptophan which are the building blocks that your body uses to create serotonin - a neurotransmitter sometimes called the "feel good" chemical. Serotonin helps you feel more focused, emotionally stable, and more happy and calm. In some parts of the world, ojoche is actually marketed as an anti-depressant because of its serotonin-boosting properties. Ojoche is also an alkalizing beverage and does not contain any caffeine or stimulants. It has been reviewed and studied by the FDA and was found to be allergen and toxin free. This makes it safe and supportive for many people of all ages and walks of life to consume.  

Ojoche Tostado has a bold, robust, rich and full-bodied flavor with notes of coffee, toasted nuts, chocolate, mocha and earth. 


Ojoche was historically a staple food and medicine in the Mayan civilization and culture. While it was consumed by many people, it was widely used to support pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Ojoche is lactogenic meaning that it helps boost milk production, and its folate and iron content help to fortify the body and give it the extra support it needs during pregnancy.

In Nicaragua and Central America, ojoche has a wide variety of uses. The fresh fruits and seeds can be boiled and mashed and eaten like plantain or potato, the sun-dried seeds can be used as a flour and added to tortillas, bread, cookies, and other items, and the roasted seeds are used for hot cereals and to create many beverages. Despite its many uses, ojoche is not widely used in Nicaragua today. Some people, like the women we work with, are providing education about the ojoche seed and endeavoring to re-introduce the ingredient into the local diet. But because of its abundance and growing acclaim, harvesting ojoche seeds is a significant method for generating income for those who otherwise would have none. 

With no allergens or toxins, ojoche is safe for people of all ages and walks of life to consume. Calcium and iron help build and maintain strong bones while balanced levels of potassium reinforce heart health, lower blood pressure, and can prevent strokes, osteoporosis and many other health issues. Ojoche can be a great help to support older adults as well as growing children. Studies have shown that children drinking ojoche and consuming ojoche snacks showed improved growth and health over children who were not consuming ojoche. With a growing variety of roasts and ways to prepare and serve this magical elixir, you are sure to find something that will bring more wellness and health to you and your family that you all truly enjoy. 


  Brewed cup of Ojoche Tostado