Sourcing & Sustainability – Healing From Foods

Sourcing & Sustainability


   At Healing From Foods, we proudly source our ojoche directly from women’s collectives in Nicaragua. What does that mean? That means that our business directly supports rural communities and helps families build and grow. That also means that we know exactly where and who our product comes from. We feel pretty good about that.
Ojoche is also incredibly sustainable. Ojoche is wild-harvested, not farmed, so it doesn't leave a carbon footprint. The ojoche tree grows abundantly in Nicaragua, and each tree produces many, many seeds. The seeds are encased in the ojoche fruit, a green, porous skin that has a sweet taste. The women go out into the forest and pick the ojoche, then bring it home where it is washed and sundried. Although the ojoche trees grow
naturally in this area, it is a goal of the collective we work with to continue the proliferation of this and other hard-wood trees. Some seeds that are collected are saved and sprouted, and eventually transplanted back into the forest for future generations. Also, because there is so much ojoche, some is left on the forest floor to sprout naturally. The ojoche tree is drought resistant, and is an important canopy tree in the forest. Along with providing shade and food for forest critters, ojoche sprouts actually help to purify the air!



We use recycled materials in all of our shipping. If you ever receive plastic in your shipments, its because we reused packing material from a shipment we received!