Ojoche Tostado
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Ojoche Tostado

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A naturally energizing, caffeine-free, mood enhancing superfood coffee alternative.

What is it?

Ojoche is an ancient Mayan superfood seed that grows on the ojoche tree native to Central America. When roasted and steeped, ojoche makes a brew that energizes you by giving you all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body wants so you can tackle anything your day throws at you with ease. Ojoche is also allergen and toxin-free as stated by the FDA.  

What does it taste like?

Pretty dang close to coffee! Bold, rich, earthy, full-bodied nutty mocha goodness. 

Who is it good for? 

Living, breathing homo sapiens of all ages. But here’s a few examples:

Anyone who wants to:

  • Energize naturally without the jitters and crash of stimulants and caffeine
  • Support a healthy gut and immune system with prebiotics
  • Fuel your workouts with complete plant-based protein and minerals that help sustain you and hydrate your body. 

Children and older adults:

With no allergens or toxins, ojoche is good for just about everyone. Calcium and iron help build and maintain strong bones while high potassium content makes ojoche good for heart health, lowering blood pressure, and prevention of stroke, osteoporosis and many other health issues.

Mamas and mamas to be:

With B vitamins like folic acid and minerals like calcium and iron, ojoche can help support your body all the way through pregnancy. Ojoche is also lactogenic meaning that it helps boost milk production while breastfeeding. And with a flavor that satisfies your coffee cravings, you’ll never look back. 


Steep 1-2 tablespoons of ojoche in 10oz of boiling water for 5 minutes. You can do this in a french press, or directly in your cup. Enjoy like you would coffee - with cream, oat milk, maple syrup, honey, or just black. Ojoche also makes a killer cold-brew! 

And don’t throw away the grounds once they’ve been steeped! There’s still lots of nutrition left. Add grounds to brownies, cookies, pancakes, smoothies, chili, marinades, mole - the list just keeps growing. Get creative and tag us on Instagram with your recipes! 


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